World History Daily Agenda and assignments

  •  Welcome to World History 2019-2020


    September 16 On the Eve of Revolution

    Sept 17 Napoleon Webquest

    Sept 18 Career Day

    Sept 19 Napoleon Webquest

    Sept 20 French Revolution Video


    Sept 9. CNN10 Work on Projects

    Sept 10 CNN 10 On own. Quizzez review

    Sept 11 Study Guide for Test in class. Finish Projects

    Sept 12 Test Enlightenment, American Revolution, Bill of Rights

    Sept 13 CNN 10 Quiz



    Sept 3  Bill of rights poster Extra credit

    Sept 4 Computer lab project research

    Sept 5 American Revolution projects New Seats

    Sept 6 America Story of US Rebels






    August 26 CNN10

    CNN 10

    Philosophy in the Age of Reason Guided Reading

    August 27 CNN10

    IF you are absent do:

    Enlightenment Philosophers Chart

    In class Philosopher's cartoon

    August 28

    Enlightenment Philosophers Cartoon

    Cartoon due tomorrow

    Minimum Day Schedule

    August 29

    Chapter 2 Section 3 American Revolution


    August 30

    Turn in Notes for CNN 10


    America Story of US REBELS






    August 21 CNN 10

    Mankind Episode 7

    August 22. CNN 10

    Map of Cnn 10 Extra Credit

    August 23 CNN10 Quiz

    Cartoon Due 30 Points.











    August 13   History of a Name

    August 14   Historical Thinking Skills Timeline


    August 15


    August 16

    CNN 10 QUiZ