• Supplies          

    There are some supplies your child will need in my classroom. Students will be keeping a Writer’s Notebook and taking notes in interactive notebooks for multiple subjects. Students will need:

    1 lined composition journal-college or wide ruled           

    Highlighters (yellow, also pink, orange, and green, if possible)

    1 spiral notebook (70 page)          

    4 pocket folders (1 ea. red, blue, yellow, green)                         

    Small pencil sharpener (hand-held, with attachment to catch shavings)

    Pencil top erasers                    

    1 Expo marker (black or blue)

    1 sock or whiteboard eraser

    1 red pen

    2 boxes #2 plain yellow Ticonderoga pencils

    Glue stick

    Ruler, standard 12”


    1 small pencil box (nothing fancy, please--inexpensive rectangular ones fit in desks best)

    **Ribbons, stickers, poems, pictures, craft supplies (whatever you have on hand) for personalizing Writer’s Notebooks

    ***If you can send extra supplies to benefit those in need, thank you!!

    Other donations always appreciated: Kleenex, Clorox wipes, Ziploc bags--sandwich and gallon size, Band-aids, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, black Expo

    markers, college lined paper, copy paper.


    Thank you so much for your support!