Meet the Board


  • Cindy Gardner

    Cindy Gardner, President, Lake Arrowhead

    I am a graduate of the University of Southern California and co-owner with my husband of a special makeup effects company.  We moved to Lake Arrowhead in 1994 and all three of our children attended ROWUSD schools K-12.  I have been involved with the PTA at Grandview Elementary, MPH, Rim High School, and Mountain Area Council PTA for the last 21 years served on school site council at these schools and served on several ROWUSD district committees.  I was on the Rim Educational Foundation board for many years, served as an elected board member of the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District, and have been serving as treasurer on the Rim of the World Communities Scholarship Council for the last 11 years.  As part of my ongoing efforts to advocate for our school district and students, I have been elected secretary of the San Bernardino County School Boards Association Executive Committee and elected East Valley Region representative to the San Bernardino County District Advocates for Better Schools (SANDABS), a legislative committee which allows me to bring budget and legislation information back to our district and, in return, I am able to bring our district's issues and concerns to the state and federal levels of government.  It is an honor to serve Rim of the World Unified School District.

    Dr. Bramson

    Leslie Bramson, Dr. PH, Member, Crestline

    Hello, my name is Leslie Bramson. I have raised 4 successful children and have lived in Crestline for 33 years; before that I lived in Lake Arrowhead and Twin Peaks.  I am an ardent proponent of education ever since my childhood educational experiences.  I have learning difficulties and was labeled as stupid during my elementary and high school years.  My husband Walter Bramson, M.D. told me I was smart, not stupid. From his constant encouragement, I have attained a Doctorate in Public Health Education, along with becoming a Registered Nurse, a Certified Health Education Specialist, a Master’s degree in Global Health (Humanitarian Aide), and I am an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant. Because of my earlier educational experiences, I am a devoted supporter of students’ needs. Our students’ education is my ultimate goal for our children on the mountain.


    Dr. Natalie M. Lindemann, Clerk, Lake Arrowhead

    I am honored to serve as your representative on the Rim of the World Unified School District Board of Trustees. I am a Rim graduate, Rim parent, and active Rim volunteer. I went to LAE, MPH, and RIM High School after my family moved to Lake Arrowhead to support my figure skating career. I was a National and International Champion in figure skating and traveled throughout the world competing and performing. After skating, I dedicated myself to my education and earned a Doctorate in Forensic Psychology. I have a private psychotherapy practice on the mountain and also have contracts with the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. My husband, Coach Mike, and I choose to raise our children in the place I love. Our mountain community is such a special environment to grow up in. This tight-knit mountain allowed me to feel safe, supported and grounded and also gave me the courage to spread my wings and accomplish my dreams. I have two young children who are students in our district. I have functioned as PTA President, Meet the Masters Coordinator and served on School Site Council. My goal is to demonstrate healthy and strong leadership; with pride and dedication to Rim. I would like to see our staff supported and empowered to bring their best to our students. I aim to help ensure our schools are fostering the best educational experience for our students and preparing them for a successful life.