Parent Letter: Welcome Back to School 2019-20


    Parent Handbook: Important School Information for 2019-2020 School Year


    August 2019


    Dear LAE Families,


    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  We are looking forward to a wonderful year filled with growth and positive relationships built! The purpose of this letter is to provide you with some beginning of year information. We strive for regular school to home communication and utilize various platforms to accomplish this. Weekly packets will contain various flyers from our school and the community. Teachers will communicate in various ways—phone calls, conferences, email, and apps such as Class Dojo or Remind. The school will be utilizing an “all-call” system titled PARENT LINK (messaging through email, text, phone calls, Facebook, and Twitter) and our SCHOOL WEBSITE that can be found at This is where our Master Calendar of events will be maintained, as well as other timely and pertinent information. Our website calendar and Parent Link messages are also found on the district app: Rim of the World USD.



    Parents of returning students are required to complete the annual “Data Confirmation” for contacts and required authorizations. This MUST be done in order for your student to attend fieldtrips or check out library books! Our Rim District web page has tutorials and other helpful information regarding Aeries under the “PARENT PORTAL” tab.  This website can also be translated into Spanish through the yellow right margin tab.


    Once this is complete, you will be able to view your student’s teacher placement for this academic year.


    It is essential that the emergency card information is complete, as this is how we contact families. PLEASE keep your emergency contacts updated at all times!   We not only need emergency resource information if your child should become ill or injured but we also utilize contact information for other emergencies such as disaster preparedness.  Include your e-mail contact information as well to assist us in keeping you informed.  



    August 9 at 5:00pm: Classroom Student Postings will be displayed on the Kindergarten fence for parents who have yet to log in to Aeries for access to Student Classroom Placement.


    Teacher supply lists can be found on our school website by Friday’s class postings. The assigned teacher may also distribute this list during the first week of school.



    August 13: First Day of School. Parents may accompany children to their classroom this morning only. Afterwards, on August 14th, our school safety protocol of visitor check-in with the office will be enforced. Please remember to bring your government issued ID to check-in with our Raptor System in the front office if planning to visit an area other than the front office.


    Kindergarten Orientation: On August 13th you will accompany and remain with your child for this one-hour orientation. The Kindergarten Team of teachers will be formally speaking to parents about the program. Your child will then go home with you when the orientation is over. Your kindergarten student will begin school hours the following day: 8:20-12:00. The kindergarten campus opens at 8:05 for bus and parent drop off.


    September 5th: Back to School Night


    School Hours: Supervision & Student Drop-off Procedures


    Campus Opens: 8:05 Please do NOT drop off your student prior to 8:05, as the main doors remain locked, and there is not supervision in front of the school until campus opens. Certificated teachers are on duty to supervise areas of transportation and playground. Students enter through our main doors or Kindergarten yard (Kindergarten students only) to go directly to the playground. Students are not allowed in other areas of the campus until collected by the classroom teacher.

    Instructional Day Grades 1-5: 8:20-2:40

    Instructional Day: TK/K: 8:20-12:00

    Dismissal: 2:40-2:55

    2:55-3:30 Any students remaining on campus will be held in the office and REQUIRE a parent to come in and sign him/her out. Students will not be allowed to run out the front door to their vehicles unsupervised.

    3:30 Any student remaining at 3:30 will be released to local law enforcement.


    Parent Pick Up: Students waiting for parents will be dismissed by the supervising teacher and will stand in front of the west fence. Please do not ask your child to meet you at any other area, as they will not be permitted to do so by the supervising teachers. Both bus and parent traffic are congested during arrival and dismissal times so please observe speed limits on the roads and in the parking lot at school. Please refrain from using your cell phone why driving on campus, and have patience with everyone. Supervising teachers will be assisting with the crosswalk and flow of traffic in our parking lot—please look for their directives. Your child’s safety is our number one goal especially during high traffic times where congestion is extreme both in the school parking lot and on nearby streets.

    Walkers: Students walking home will be waiting out front of the main doors along the corner of the fence. They are to wait until the last bus leaves campus until supervisors release them to walk home.

    Bus Riders: Bus passes are available at the district office. Single ride tickets are available for purchase in our front office. Students riding the bus will follow district bus and school rules at all times.  All students disembarking and loading on the bus will walk on school sidewalks when going to and from the bus.

    Attendance: Strive for 95%

    Your child’s education is our number one priority!  Invaluable learning is missed, if your child misses school.  If you must schedule a doctor, dentist and or any other appointments for your child, please do so after school hours.  In the event that this is impossible, you will need to follow the student check-out procedure and pick-up your child in the school Administration Office for an early dismissal. Our protected instructional time begins at 8:20 am and runs through 11:00 am.  We do not call or interrupt classrooms during this time as to protect the standards-based core curriculum learning block.

    Tardy: If your child arrives to school after the tardy bell, he/she must check-in with the Attendance Clerk and receive an Attendance Admit Slip before going to class.  This check-in procedure will be enforced by both teacher and staff to ensure child safety and monitor accurate attendance.  Our school district is striving for 95% daily attendance. Don’t forget to call the school at 336-0387, email or send a note if your child is absent from school.  Please include the date of absence, teacher’s name, student’s full name, your signature and reason for the absence on the note. 


    If you need to make changes in your child’s daily dismissal plan, please inform your child’s teacher or the office in writing only. Please do not leave a change request on a school phone message.  The office does not accept dismissal change requests over the phone however; you may fax a note that contains a parent signature to (909) 336-3440 or e-mail  Please follow-up by contacting the office for fax confirmation.


    Medication can only be administered to students through the school Health Office and only after the district medical form is on file at the school.  Please follow school district procedure for prescription medication identification and medication distribution.  Students who become ill at school must be retrieved in the Health Office by parent, guardian and/or emergency contact person.  Students must be signed out properly at the front desk.


    Rim of the World Unified School District continues to practice school emergency procedures on a regular basis.  Materials providing community awareness and procedures are available through our fire departments, law enforcement and public industry as all mountain agencies work closely together with the school district.  Our school emergency plan is “incident driven” and flexible.  Our school will proceed and follow instruction according to the given situation, type of incident and location of the disaster.  Lake Arrowhead Elementary School monitors and practices emergency drills on a regular basis to ensure a safe and consistent process for students, teachers, parents and community.  We will be utilizing the “Parent Link” communication system to provide updated school information.  Also, your child is bringing home a letter with additional information regarding Student Emergency Preparedness Kits.  Once again, please keep your child’s emergency contact information updated throughout the school year through the Aeries Parent Portal


    Volunteers are encouraged!  All volunteers must complete the “Volunteer Registration Form” prior to volunteering—this includes fieldtrips. Please plan ahead accordingly. This can be picked up at the office or through your child’s teacher. A Parent Volunteer Training will be scheduled in August. Please watch the school calendar or other notification forms for date and time. This is a mandatory meeting for all new volunteers. You will need to arrange volunteer time with your child’s teacher or contact the LAE PTA for other school related volunteer activities.  All volunteers must sign in at the office before proceeding to the campus. Proper identification dispensed by the office personnel MUST be worn while on campus. Don’t forget to return the PTA membership packet indicating the level of membership you wish to be enrolled.


    Parents are always welcome to visit our school and classrooms.  Remember to sign in at the front office.  Please call the office to make visitation appointments for classroom visits, school visits and/or if you request a lunch visit with your child.  We require that parent/student lunch visits be held at a table in front of the main office area and only during your child’s lunch time.  Please do not walk on to the playground area as those areas are restricted to those who are employed by the Rim of the World Unified School District unless you are assisting in a scheduled activity supervised by a credentialed teacher.

    Please remember that in order to ensure the safety of each student it is very important that you follow our school’s procedures and the board policies of the Rim of the World Unified School District. Thank you for your cooperation in making our school a safer place!  I look forward to a very successful school year!



    LAE discourages students from bringing any cell phone or smart watch to school. Students may bring personal technology into the classroom if granted permission by the classroom teacher, adheres to the district and school guidelines, and is used solely for instructional purposes under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher. Cellphones must be kept inside backpacks only and will not be taken out unless directed by staff for instructional purposes—this includes out at lunch, on the playground, or at dismissal. Cell phones or other personal electronic listening/recording technology devices that are visible and/or being misused during school hours will be confiscated by school personnel for parents to retrieve and directed to not bring back on campus per Ed Code.



    Veronica McGilvery