October 13, 2017

  • From Michelle Murphy, Superintendent

    District officials at Rim of the World Unified School District met with officers from San Bernardino County Fire, Office of  Emergency Services. The district is participating in their flag notification system at our sites which means that in the event of an emergency a green or red flag can be hung on a flagpole to show first responders the level of distress at a school site. It is a quick, low tech system that needs no bandwidth or electricity during a large emergency situation. The officers also recommended that everyone in the community download the READY SB County Preparedness App on their mobile devices. It is available in both the App Store or Google Play. Please take the time to get to know the emergency routes in our area. This picture shows both Area 1 and Area 2 routes. It is important that you and your family know what to do in the event of an earthquake as well. You can find on the district website this article, the maps and tips for earthquake preparedness.

  • From Derek Swem, Principal, Rim of the World High School


    Stop, Drop, Roll


    Rim of the World High School ROP/CTE Fire Tech and the Running Springs Fire Department attended Charles Hoffman Elementary on Thursday, October 12, 2017.  ROP Fire Tech and Running Springs Fire Dept. put on a Fire Awareness Assembly.

    The ROP Fire Tech students, along with the fire department, discussed very important issues with the students regarding fire awareness.  The importance of fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors were discussed and that the batteries should be change when the clocks “change”.  Along with the importance of testing the fire detectors, emergency plans should be in place with at least two evacuation routes for families.

    One of the highlights of the Fire Awareness Assembly was when the fire department demonstrated how to use a fire extinguisher.  They used a fire extinguisher that was filled with water.

    CHE students added a dance routine to the assembly as well.

    Two students from the ROP Fire Tech program dressed up as Sparky the Fire Dog and Rocky the Raccoon for the assembly.