October 20, 2017

  • From Jennifer Whiteside, MPH Principal

    1. MPH is gearing up for our Anti-Bullying Spirit Week. Our scheduled school-wide Bully Free Assembly has been postponed to Monday, October 23rd (originally planned for 10-20-17, delayed due to weather), and will be an enthusiastic kick-off to our apparel focused spirit days!
    2. Our assembly will include a student speaker, the MPH Choir, and MPH counseling team-leading informational and engaging activities. The Principal, Mrs. Whiteside will wear yellow along with 6th grade, the Counselor, Mrs. Wharrie will wear white along with 7th grade, and our Assistant Principal, Mr. Pierce will wear blue along with 8th Our counselor, Mrs. Mazo will lead the event adorning all school colors to unify us schoolwide against any form of harassment or bullying.
    3. Visual Representations against harassment and bullying by day:
      1. Mon. 10/23/17 – “Block Out Bullies” - Rock your favorite sunglasses. 
      2. Tues. 10/24/17 – “Be a Hero” - Wear Superhero gear.
      3. Wed. 10/25/17 – “Unit Day” –Adorn Orange. 
      4. Thurs. 10/26/17 – “Being kind is no sweat” – Dress in Sweat/ Athletic Gear. 
      5. Fri. 10/27/17 – “Join the Bully Free Team” – Sport your favorite team.

    MPH Anti Bully

  • From John Elderkin, Director of Special Services

    CA Shake Out

    Rim Shakes

    Rim of the World Unified School District students and staff participated in the Great American ShakeOut. This annual event was held at all six Rim schools and facilities. Each year at 10:19 on October 19, schools throughout California participate in the disaster preparedness drill.

    State Superintendent of Schools Tom Torlakson explained  that “The shakeout is designed to provide a sense of urgency about earthquakes and to encourage people, organizations, schools, and communities to get prepared, to practice what to do to be safe, and to learn how to enhance existing plans.”

    “Last year, more than 10.6 million Californians practiced “Drop, Cover and Hold On” and other safety procedures as part of the ShakeOut drill,” Torlakson said.

    “We were proud of our District’s continued participation in the 2017 ShakeOut,” said Michelle Murphy, Superintendent of Rim of the World Unified School District. “I was pleased with the reports from the schools that all sites evacuated in an organized and safe manner. It's drills like these that keep our students safe and informed.”


    Advisory Board Organized

    The Parent Advisory Board for students with disabilities in Rim of the World Unified School District had its inaugural meeting this past Thursday, October 11, 2017. The committee is composed of 9 community members, teachers, and parents and was formed so that community members would have direct access to the District’s superintendent.

    The meeting began with a discussion on Parents’ Rights presented by the San Bernardino County East Valley Special Education Local Plan Area. Copies of special education Procedural Safeguards were available to everyone in attendance.

    Following the meeting, participants were given the opportunity to discuss District special education concerns with the superintendent and members of the Parent Advisory Board. “It was wonderful to see the number of parents who are taking this opportunity to get their concerns to us,” said John Elderkin, Director of Special Services for the District. “You can see how much these parents care not only about their students but about helping the District move forward in a positive way. Rim is truly a family.”