December 1, 2017

  • From John Elderkin, Director, Special Services


    Rim of the World Unified School District’s WorkAbility program is in full swing. WorkAbility provides high school aged special needs students the opportunity to bridge the gap between the high school experience and the working world. This year Rim’s WorkAbility specialist, Cathy Plante, will provide service to well over 100 Rim students.

    Those services will provide career awareness and exploration, pre-employment skills training, job coaching, opportunities for students to job shadow and for both paid and non-paid job experiences for students. The funding for this program is the result of a grant Rim applied for that is administered by the California Department of Education.

    The program also facilitates assessment for the students to help identify their skills and interests. Some of this is done through an online assessment tool that walks the student through the pross. This program helps the student realize areas that he or she might be interested in. It also facilitates access to information on jobs that these skills are appropriate for.  Counselors also have access to the data from these assessments to help in planning the students’ educational program so that the courses most appropriate to allow the student to meet his or her goals can be provided.

    The grant also pays for the student to experience college through field trips and to participate in career days to help in employment exploration.

    A  key component of the WorkAbility program is working with local businesses in order to place students for job experience. Many Rim students start out working for local companies and their wages are paid for through the grant, but it is not unusual for the employer to hire the student to continue working after the grant money is used up.

    One of the most successful aspects of the program is the partnership between students who have an interest in a certain area of employment and the willingness of employers in that field to take on an interested student. Rim has had examples of students interested in animals being placed with local veterinarians and pet groomers, students interested in retail placed at local grocery stores and outlet centers.

    The program has seen many employers participate year after year.  It has been a great partnership between the community and the school. Students gain valuable work experience while employers mentor the next generation of American workers.

    From Jennifer Whiteside, Principal, Mary Putnam Henck

    Our MPH PTA donated 800 daffodil bulbs to plant in our quad area in the design of I heart MPH around the paw print. This will give every student the opportunity to take part in the beautification of the campus. We have begun the digging process and will execute the planting in the coming weeks. Check out the picture of our digging progress. We will share the beautiful result in the spring when the bulbs sprout.


    Our very own 6th grade student Ava Hazelett won first place in the local Patriot’s Pen contest held by the VFW.  Her essay was sent on to the District level, where she won second place, and $150.00.  MPH is share in the celebration of our student’s success! Check out the picture below of our distinguished MPH student.



    Justus Stewart was the top seller from our PBIS Popcornopolis fundraiser selling over $740.00 worth of merchandise to support the PBIS program. He has won the opportunity to be the Principal for the day on December 7th, 2017 along with Mrs. Whiteside and Mr. Pierce. The overall fundraiser netted over $6,000 in profit to support our MPH positive culture. Check out the picture of Justus Stewart and our PBIS coach Mrs. Wharrie.

    Our top 20 sellers along with Justus will take part in PBIS Popcornopolis Movie Party from 5th to 7th period on Thursday, Dec. 21st.