January 26, 2018

  • From Heather Dominguez, Director of Educational Services

    Teachers gathered together to learn about how to administer the new English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC) which replaces the CELDT. The ELPAC will be given to all California students identified as English Learners. Teachers and paraprofessionals practiced processes and protocols to ensure consistent assessment practices. This is the first year the ELPAC summative will be administered. Rim field tested the new assessment last spring in preparation for the official test this winter/spring. The test window runs from February 1-May 31

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    GATE students dissected the eyeball of cow as a part of an extended learning opportunity at LAE. They also used yarn to learn about and measure different types of wavelengths, all facilitated by one of our GATE coordinators Brian Warner. The kids were very enthusiastic scientists.

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    From Veronica McGilvery, Principal, Lake Arrowhead Elementry School

    Fifth Grade Dragon Bottle Boats Competition

    Rim of the World elementary schools have been diligently creating and implementing curriculum in alignment with the more rigorous state standards and integration of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Collectively, our goal is to embed the 21st Century Learning Skills of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity into our Project Based Learning. What better way than with a little friendly competition? The collective fifth-grade students attending Charles Hoffman, Lake Arrowhead Elementary, and Valley of Enchantment are launching their “Buoyancy Dragon Bottle Boat” STEM-based project. Mr. Warhol—a fifth-grade teacher from VOE visited LAE and CHE on Wednesday to motivate students. He brought a sample of a boat previously created by students, discussed the purpose of the learning project, and provided a brief lesson on buoyancy. The actual instruction, inquiry, and building will occur under the direction of each teacher. The collective fifth-grade students will be testing and racing their created boats on May 2, 2018, at Lake Gregory. The lake officials are happy to support this project. Our students and teachers are excited to begin this district-wide collaborative learning!

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