September 14, 2018

  • Todd Beal, Assistant Superintendent Personnel & Pupil Services

    Through a collaborative effort between Rim of the World Unified School District and the County of San Bernardino, Mountain Transit will be available to transport students through the Dart Canyon area to the district bus stop at San Moritz. Due to construction for the Lake Gregory Dam Project, the following bus stops have been temporarily closed as district buses cannot safely enter and exit the area due to road conditions; Dart Canyon & 5 Pts (North and South), Dart Canyon & Pine, Dart Canyon & Edelweiss.  Additionally, ROWUSD will provide a proctor at the San Moritz stop for student arrival and dismissal. The convenience that is being offered to affected families is not part of ROWUSD’s services. Mountain Transit is a Joint Power regulated by Department of Transportation and has added ROWUSD designated bus stops to their existing route as a courtesy to those impacted by the detour. 

    Marlynn Humphries, Principal, Charles Hoffman Elementary School

    Charles Hoffman Elementary remembered 9/11 with a Patriot Day Flag Ceremony and honored our heroes, Running Springs Firefighters. Mrs. Parker’s TK/K class celebrated with red, white, & blue.  Primary grades music teacher, sponsored by Arrowhead Arts, Corrie Grasser, performed a stunning rendition of the National Anthem.