September 21, 2018

  • Michelle Murphy, Superintendent

    Big Bear     RIMSD

    The Rim of the World USD’s executive cabinet met with their counterparts in Bear Valley Unified School District in Big Bear on September 19, 2018. The discussion was focused on the mountain and small district challenges, budgets, and solutions. Not only did we meet each other, emails were also exchanged so that counterparts can collaborate and share ideas. Meetings have been scheduled for 3 times a year with the next one being at ROWUSD in January.

    David Nygren, Principal, Rim of the World High School

    Rim High hosted an amazing Career and College Fair at Rim High on Wednesday, September 19th, in the New Gym with over 40 booths for the students to visit!  We had representatives from various local and online colleges, representatives from each of the military branches, law enforcement, and movie makeup, to name a few.  Everyone in attendance was raving about how polite and serious the students took interest in the booths and the students left with bags of marketing materials. 

    The students were taken to the fair with their English and History classes and included a presentation in the PAC which held interviews with people from various careers.  The day culminated with Rim of the World Educational Foundation and the ASCCA issuing checks to RHS ROP totaling $16,800.

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    Caris Leidner, 3rd Grade Teacher, Charles Hoffman Elementary School

    Mrs. Leidner’s 3rd-grade class celebrated Grandparents Day on Monday, September 10 at CHE. Students invited their grandparents to attend school that day.  Each student had the opportunity to share why their grandparent was special and then the class sang a special song to their grandparents.  Grandparents were invited to the mic to share what it was like in 3rd grade for them “back in their day…!” One grandparent shared how they had to practice tornado drills while another recalled a memorable field trip involving a WWII submarine. He shared how that sparked a desire for him to work on a submarine one day and he did for 20 years as an adult! This grandfather also encouraged students to keep their eyes open, even at a young age, to what they might want to be when they grow up! Students and grandparents were inspired and loved. It was a wonderful time to connect families and honor grandparents!