October 19, 2018


    Tracy Marshall, Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten Teacher, Charles Hoffman Elementary

    In the Transitional Kindergarten/ Kindergarten combo class at Charles Hoffman Elementary School, it’s Grandparents month. The students each have a special day when grandparents visit the classroom.  They share their family tree and read the class a story. One of the Kindergarten students surprised the class with a special visit from his Grandfather, Danny. Grandpa Danny Wagner owns an excavating company and drove one of his front loaders to the school parking lot. The students were allowed to explore, climb in and watch as Bentley sat on his Grandpa’s lap and drove around the parking lot. They were able to watch the bucket fully extend and see the engine up close. The students have enjoyed learning from our Grandparents that have visited our classroom, and we look forward to seeing what the rest of the month of visits brings to our classroom!  Respectfully submitted by Tracy Marshall