December 14, 2018

  • Derek Swem, Director, Special Services

    Special Education: 

    Parent University was held Wednesday, December 12 at the District Office.  Director Derek Swem presented “How to help your student in school.”  A small group of parents watched the presentation which ranged from the IEP to helping at home.

    Child Welfare and Attendance

    National Honor Society Students from Rim of the World High School helped at the District office to put together “Meal Bags”.  These items will be given to the families who need additional help over the holiday season.  The food was donated by Mountain Homeless Coalition.  The Mountain Homeless Coalition wrote a grant to help our students throughout the District.  The items were purchased through Stater Brothers.  30 Families will be assisted this holiday break.

    Swem PR

    Jennifer Whiteside, Principal, Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate School

    On Thursday, November 30th, 2018 MPH PBIS Student Principal for the day Justus Stewart shadowed MPH Administration. Student Principal Justus Stuart received this opportunity by selling the most popcorn during the recent PBIS Popcornopolis fundraiser. During this his second time being Principal for the day he had the opportunities to view morning transportation, walk the campus, assist with facilities needs, encourage students during lunches, and share his insight. He stated he thought the new minimum days were a “great plan because it gives teachers time to grade after school” and helps students learn how to transition from class to class like 7th grade.  Additionally, he shared “I think PBIS Lion Loot is a good idea that you get rewards for doing good things like helping someone.” Finally, he shared he would like to someday be a math teacher, then a Principal. “Today influenced me a lot and showed what principal’s do, and it is super awesome!”

    Whiteside PR