January 11, 2019

  • Heather Dominguez, Director, Educational Services

    Rim is focused on facilitating Positive Behavior across the district. PBIS strategies encourage students to make positive choices and behave responsibly, safely and respectfully. Ask your student about the positive behavior expectations at their school. We are very proud of Charles Hoffman Elementary for receiving silver PBIS recognition at the county level-KINDNESS MATTERS. Speaking of Kindness, The Kindness Challenge and Kindness Week will take place in February. This is a great opportunity to spread kindness through-out the community and do something nice for a friend, neighbor, family member or stranger.

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    Veronica McGilvery, Principal, Lake Arrowhead Elementary School

    High Five Fridays!

    As part of building relationships and connectedness for a positive school climate, LAE’s principal Mrs. McGilvery greets students daily as they enter campus each morning. Fridays are Spirit and Pride day, in which Principal McG welcomes students with “HIGH FIVE FRIDAY.” She gives children high-fives using her large foam blue and gold hands! Students love giving her these high-fives, and they finish the week with a morning smile!