World History Daily Agenda and assignments

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     3.30.20  Hello students and parents. I hope you are staying well and healthy this week. Again we have some distance learning opportunities for extra credit on google classroom. If you cannot access these things, then I can tell you not to fear. Alternative assignments are down belowv under independent study. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make this easier. I can tell you that anything I have from you electronically(pictures of assignments, Khan academy from google classroom, netflix notes on Medal of Honor) will be added to your grade as extra credit for the 3rd quarter.

    I hope this last week of March treats you well.


    3.18.20  Hi Everyone! I hope your St. Patricks Day was good!  I just wanted to tell you that you are in my thoughts. Hope you are all safe and well and catching up on some sleep and rest.

    The assignments below are just suggestions until we get word that we need to do this work from home.


    Be well.


    Hi everyone.  I hope you are all well. If you would like to find out your work for the next two weeks, here it is!  You will be at home for a week, true but it might be more. I'll keep you updated here. I sincerley hope you have your loved ones safe!.


    Go ahead and let me know if you have any questions:

    Independent Study World History  McCreery  World History


    Day 1 Read Sec 1 of Chapter 15 p502-510. Answer 1-5 Page 510


    Day 2 Read pp 511 and 1 and 2 page 511


    Day 3 Read Sec 2 of Chapter 15 pp 512-520 Answer 1-5 page 520


    Day 4 Read Section 3 of Chapter 15 pp521-527 Answer 1-5 p 527


    Day 5 Hand draw p524-525 the 5 maps of the Korean War with labe.s




    Day 6 Read Section 4 pp528-533 answer 1-6 p 533


    Day 7 Draw and trace and label map on p 531 of Vietnam Conflict


    Day 8 Watch Medal of Honor Episode 4. Netflix. Write down 15 facts about Hiroshi Miyamura


    Day 9 Watch Medal of Honor Episode 6 Netflix. Write down 15 facts about Joseph Vittori


    Day 10 Make a Venn Diagram of comparing the two medal of honor episodes you watched.


    (If you don’t have Netflix, then use the reading on the Rim High School Website instead. Read about the Korean War, Read about The Vietnam War and then Venn Diagram.)



    March 9th Finish WWII Europe

    March 10th Monuments Men

    March 11 Monuments Men

    March 12 WWII Pacific

    March 13 WWII Pacific


    Feb 24th WWII Europe Bellringers and Projects

    Feb 25 Projects/Presentation

    Feb 26 1/2 day Projects presentations

    Feb 27th Projects Completed and presented. Last Day

    Feb 28 WWII Pacific Battle of Midway

     Feb 10 CNN 10. Bellringer 4 Picasso Drawings

    Feb 11 CNN 10 Bellringer 5 B level assignments

    Feb 12 CNN10 Finish Bellringers Start on A level

    Feb 13 CNN 10 Due Between THe wars papers due 130 points.

    Jan 27-30 Feb 1st Interwar years timeline

    Interwar years Projects

    Interwar years bellringers

     Jan 21 Tuesday   WWI project 35 points Due

    Jan 22 Wendesday WWI final project work day

    Jan 23  Start study guide for test. Return papers.

    Jan 24 Open book/Open note test WWI test

    Jan 13

    CNN10 Finish WWI Foot Soldier

    Jan 14  WWI Projects

    Jan 15 Computer lab Webquest

    Jan 16 WWI Projects

    Jan 17 WWI Projects A and B due


    Dec 9 finish imperialism level b assignments

    Dec 10 Finish A assignments

    Dec 11 Study guide Final

    Dec 12 Study Guide Final

    Dec 13 Film strip day.

    Dec 2  Snow day!

    Dec 3 CNN10 and Finish The Power of One

    Dec 4 100 points-The New Imperialism projects

    Dec 5 New Imperialism project

    Dec 6 Level c assignments due


     Nov 18

    Motives for imperialism

    Graphic Organizer

    Nov 19

    Finish Motives for Imperialism. Turn in Organizer.

    Nov 20

    Power of One Minimum Day

    Nov 21

    Power of One

    Nov 22

    Power of One-Turn in Questions. Have a great thanks giving!


    Nov 12

    Terms Chapter 9 section 1

    Nov 13

    Computer Lab Imperialism webquest

    Nov 14

    Terms Chapter 9 Section 2

    Nov 15

    Map of Africa


    Nov 4.  Graphic Organizer of the Isms

    Nov 5 Spotify two isms

    Nov 6th Computer Lab for Wequest

    Nov 7th Review for test

    Nov 8th Test Results of Industrial Revolution. You can use your graphic organizer on the test






    October 28 Ten and Ten. Read and make a Quiz on Current Events

    October 29 Venn Diagram. Compare Communism and Socialism

    October 30 Quizziz Industrial Revolution

    October 31 20 facts on Trangle Shirtwaist factor fire due




    Oct 21 Chapter 6 Terms and Questions

    Oct 22 Romantic, Realism, Impressionism

    Oct 23 Crash Course Computer lab

    Oct 24 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire-25 terms

    Oct 25 R,R and I assingment due



     Oct 14. The Urban Game Rounds 9-20

    Oct 15  Chapter 5 Assessment finish

    Oct 16 Computer Lab for Crash Course

    Oct 17 Map of England

    Oct 18 Quizziz Industrial Revolution


    Oct 7 10 Questions and 10 Answers

    Oct 8 Engineering an empire Britain

    Oct 9 Industrial revolution webquest

    Oct 10 Reading Industrial Revolution

    Oct 11 Timeline Inventions


    Oct 15 Urban Gam

    Ocit 16 Urban Game

    Oct 17 Crash Course Industrial Revolution

    Oct 18 Industrial Revolution section 2

    Oct 19 CNN 1) Quiz  Quizziz Industrial Revolution


    Sept 30 4 Leaders of the Latin American Revolutions

    Oct 1 Webquest Mexican Revolution

    Oct 2 Wanted Posters-Revolutionary leaders

    Oct 3 Study guide for test

    Oct 4 Test 2 French Revolution, Napoleon, Latin American Revolutions




    Sept 23   Napoleon timeline-10 events 3 illustrations

    Sept 24 Computer lab for Finishing Napoleon timeline

    Sept 25 CNN 10

    Sept 26 Napoleon Map

    Sept 27 Napoleon and French Revolution Quizziz



    September 16 On the Eve of Revolution

    Sept 17 Napoleon Webquest

    Sept 18 Career Day

    Sept 19 Napoleon -Defend your town

    Sept 20 Defend your town game


    Sept 9. CNN10 Work on Projects

    Sept 10 CNN 10 On own. Quizzez review

    Sept 11 Study Guide for Test in class. Finish Projects

    Sept 12 Test Enlightenment, American Revolution, Bill of Rights

    Sept 13 CNN 10 Quiz



    Sept 3  Bill of rights poster Extra credit

    Sept 4 Computer lab project research

    Sept 5 American Revolution projects New Seats

    Sept 6 America Story of US Rebels






    August 26 CNN10

    CNN 10

    Philosophy in the Age of Reason Guided Reading

    August 27 CNN10

    IF you are absent do:

    Enlightenment Philosophers Chart

    In class Philosopher's cartoon

    August 28

    Enlightenment Philosophers Cartoon

    Cartoon due tomorrow

    Minimum Day Schedule

    August 29

    Chapter 2 Section 3 American Revolution


    August 30

    Turn in Notes for CNN 10


    America Story of US REBELS






    August 21 CNN 10

    Mankind Episode 7

    August 22. CNN 10

    Map of Cnn 10 Extra Credit

    August 23 CNN10 Quiz

    Cartoon Due 30 Points.











    August 13   History of a Name

    August 14   Historical Thinking Skills Timeline


    August 15


    August 16

    CNN 10 QUiZ