January 24, 2020

  • Michelle Murphy, Superintendent, Rim of the World Unified School District

    Superintendent Michelle Murphy provided the second day of Time to Teach training for a total of 32 teachers over a 2-day period. Time to Teach assists teachers in analyzing their classroom environments, responding to challenging student behavior all with a focus on caring must come first. Teachers surveyed reported a positive response to the training. Additional lesson plans books were ordered by teacher requests and 10 more spots will be open for more teachers to attend.

    Mrs. Murphy attended the state ACSA (Association of California School Administrators) Superintendent conference this week. The theme for the conference was Courageous Leadership bringing together superintendents for 2 ½ days of professional learning, networking, and advocacy. Together they looked at the governor’s budget, integration of technology, and professional development in a digital world. Keynote speaker topics included Culture, STEM for girls, Urban Science Education, and Equity.

    Both the in-district training and state training demonstrate the ideas of continuous improvement and life-long learning displayed by the staff of ROWUSD while supporting our district priorities for increasing student learning, professional development, and a safe, positive school climate.


    David Nygren, Principal, Rim of the World High School

    Mr. Nygren was fortunate to be able to travel to Mammoth this week with the Rim Ski and Snowboard Team, otherwise known as the Shred Team.  In Mammoth, our school competes with students from Bishop and Mammoth in the Giant Slalom and Slalom events over two days on the slopes.  They get 8 races each on two trips and their times can qualify them for the State Finals in North Star in Lake Tahoe March on 1-6.  Our athletes, coaches, and parents are very serious about their sport and support one another.  These athletes are a force to be reckoned with, holding their own with their counterparts, and we hope to announce some state qualifiers this year!