February 13, 2020

  • Heather Dominguez, Director, Educational Service

    Our testing window has opened for the annual English Learner Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC). The window runs from February 1-May 31st. The ELPAC measures the language proficiency of our English Learners and is the first component of the reclassification criteria. California has developed an English Learner Roadmap which focuses on the strengths and assets our English learners bring to school. Learn more about the roadmap, support for English Learners and the 4 guiding principles at the websites below. We are very proud of our English Learners and appreciate the rich culture and experiences they bring to our schools.



    Veronica McGilvery, Principal, Lake Arrowhead Elementary School

    Lake Arrowhead Elementary’s Student Leadership is partnering with Burrtec to participate in their “Recycle Buy Back program.” Bill Arlington from Burrtec met with Mrs. Wilson’s Student Leadership Team. The students intend to implant a lunchtime recycling that will help educate our students, benefit the environment, and provide money from Burrtec to fund more school activities for our student body.