Principal Jennifer Whiteside


    Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate School Family,


    On this my fourth year with MPH, it continues to be a pleasure to serve the students, staff, and community of our Rim Family.  Our dedicated and superior staff seek to work with our parents and community to place the instructional excellence and safety of our students first. 


    It is our goal at MPH to facilitate the education of our students through elevated expectations, as well as multiple and diverse methods of student engagement in the curriculum. We believe education should be rigorous and beneficial to the preparation of students’ future collegiate and career pursuits. Finally, we believe the connection to students’ experiences, culture, and interests through a caring environment encourages student achievement. These tenets of education are most successfully supported via the collaboration of best practices by invested members in a solutions-based model. Together we will continue to further the processes that incite advancement: valuing what we have, assessing where we are, and striving to identify needs and areas for advancement.


    We invite you to journey with us and contact our MPH office at 909-336-0360, with any questions, insight or further assistance desired. 


    With honor, integrity and genuine concern for all, we will make it a great school year!


    Kindest Regards,


    Jennifer Whiteside

     Principal, MPH



  • Jennifer Whiteside
    Jennifer Whiteside
    (909) 336-0360

    Liz Harryman

    Liz Harryman

    Administrative Secretary
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