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Volunteer Process and Protocol

  • Volunteering at LAE has many rewards! We welcome our volunteers!


    This is the process that needs to occur prior to any adult volunteering on campus.


    1. Reach out to the CLASSROOM TEACHER or the SCHOOL PTA to coordinate volunteer efforts.

    2. The CLASSROOM TEACHER or PTA BOARD will initiate a request for approval by completing the first portion of a Volunteer Request Form.

    3. YOU--will then need to complete the bottom portion of the form the teacher initiates. If approved by the principal, Volunteers will proceed to the following steps:

    4. Read through the Rim District VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK that is posted on LAE's School Website.

    5. Complete the last 3 pages--Pages 11, 12, 13. Submit these to LAE's office. You may either print these out or complete through a digital program. Submit these directly to the office, or email them to: laeofficenote@gmail.com

    6. The principal will review these for approval and notify the classroom teacher.

    7. Once approved, Volunteers must view the Volunteer Training video that will be posted on LAE's website. 

    8. Use the LINK HERE to access the VOLUNTEER TRAINING VIDEO (10 minutes)


    This is the same process for any volunteering on campus or field trip events. Please plan accordingly. Thank you.