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    • To excuse a student’s absence, call the school’s office detailing your child’s name, date and reason for absence, along with your name and contact information. Or send a handwritten note with the same information and a parent signature. Or provide a dr. note excusing absence(s).


    • Parent(s)/Guardians have 5 days to clear an absence or it will become unexcused/unverified. Any student with 8 or more excused absences or 3 unexcused/unverified absences will receive a SART (Student Attendance Review Team) letter which is a first warning notification. Any additional absences will result in additional letter notifications in which a meeting with administrators will be held and an attendance contract will be signed. Failure to comply with this contract will result in a SARB meeting at the Sheriff station with the sheriff, administration, attendance specialist and the district attorney.


    • Definition of truancy in summary states that a student missing more than 30 minutes of instruction without a valid excuse three times during the school year must be classified as a truant and reported to the proper school authority. (Education Code 48260a) In addition to the reporting requirement the law states that the school district must notify the parent or guardian of the truancy by mail or other reasonable means, and that the notification must include specific information related to the student’s unexcused absence. (Education Code 48260.5)


    • Students who have been reported as truant three or more times in one school year shall be classified as habitually truant after an effort has been made by either a district officer or employee to hold at least one conference with the student and his/her parent/guardian at the time of the first or second truancy.


    • Students leaving early will need to be signed out at the office by their parent/guardian. Proper identification is required.


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