Degrees and Certifications:

MY MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS Founded the Rim High Performance Auto Club in 1999 and still serve as Club Advisor. Built two very professional NHRA Drag Race Cars as “After School” Team Projects with students who were willing to go above and beyond ordinary expectations at school. Received the Rim of the World High School ASB Elected Teacher of the Year for 2001/2002 School Year. Nominated for the same award in the 98/99, 99/00 and 00/01 School Years. SBCSS ROP Teacher of the Year 2004 SBCSS Teacher of the Year 2004 Served on the Panel of Educators and Industry Professionals responsible for writing the current Curriculum and Guidelines for Automotive Technology in the San Bernardino County ROP Program. Recognized by the Mountain Communities P.T.A. as “Outstanding Citizen of the Year” in 2003. But the only major accomplishments that truly make me feel proud are now out there in the community raising families with morals and values, and treating other people with respect, many of whom just happen to now be working in the automotive industry. Yes!

Mr. Dave Meigide

I believe every person has some kind of “gift” given to them in the form of some special talent. I also believe that you must explore new experiences if you are to discover that “gift”. My job as a teacher is to encourage students to try as many new experiences as possible. I also believe that today’s modern educator must be prepared to teach their students more than what falls within the parameters of their course curriculum. With an increasing number of “broken”, “single” and “dual income,” working parent families, our youth are receiving less and less parent education and supervision. I feel this is causing a deficit of social skills, morals, respect, trustworthiness, manners and good old values in our youth. For that reason, I believe that we, the teachers, must try to fill that “void” wherever possible, even though it may be easier to simply teach that which we are required to teach, in class.

I personally realized, after only a few months of teaching, that my most important teachers were my own parents. A teacher’s biggest challenge is to be able to spark an interest in their students, which almost always leads to a desire on their part, to gain more and more knowledge. I truly believe that learning can be fun, as well as educational. Making a connection between your newly discovered knowledge, and a fun practical application, is what keeps you interested.