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CTE Game Design I

  • 180 hours, A-G Elective (G)

    This course does not have any prerequisites but it is recommended that you have previously taken art/design classes at RHS or have other relevant experience with computers or art/design.

    This year-long course will teach students the basics of Video Game Design. They will learn the origin and evolution of video game art and mechanics, and their effective integration into the video games they will build. They will learn the design process and methods of balancing a game’s design, models, and mechanics for optimum effect. They will also learn to use a game engine to create and import different assets and bring them all together to build a video game. This class is for students who aspire to work in the professional game industry or other fields like simulation, edutainment, or visualization. It is designed to prepare students to compete in the increasingly complex entertainment industry.

CTE Game Design II

  • 180 hours, Prerequisites: Game Design I

    This advanced, full-year course builds upon foundational knowledge gained in Game Design I. Students will be responsible for continuing to develop their skills in order to create their own video game, either as individuals or in a small team. In addition to building their game, students will conduct market research, develop pitches for prospective developers, analyze current trends in game design, debug code, conduct playtesting and QA, all in pursuit of refining their video game creation.

    This class is challenging in nature and conducted similar to a college-level studio course, where students are largely responsible for their own time management and learning engagement. Students at the completion of the course will have a portfolio of work to ready them for post-secondary education or entry into the workforce.