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  • Music and the performing arts are an integral part of a middle school student’s education. Not only has research shown that a musical education helps increase test scores, it is also an important contributor to mental health and well-being. Music involves multi-tasking, using abilities in language, math, coding, art, communication, history, civics, and PBIS: Be responsible, Be respectful, Be safe. Involvement in music programs also helps students grow a positive social circle of close friends, and can keep adolescents from straying down the wrong path.

    The music program at MPH includes band, choir, and orchestra for students of all levels. Music students are exposed to a variety of styles and genres of music, as well as music and culture from around the globe. Students gain more than an ability to play an instrument or sing, but develop a valuable sense of the world around them.


  • Tracie Scherzer, Music Teacher


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About Mrs. S

I knew I wanted to spend my life in music when I was 10 years old. Although I have diverged from that path several times in my life, I have never truly left it, and have, as an adult, acknowledged that this is where I need to be.

I began my musical journey rocking out to Queen's Greatest Hits as a toddler. I started piano at age 7, and clarinet in 4th grade. By high school, I could play almost any instrument, and was playing with college ensembles and state and regional youth orchestras and bands. I started teaching in high school, giving private clarinet lessons to younger siblings of my friends who couldn't afford them. I started playing in a professional symphony at 19, while studying at the University of Cincinnati. At some point, I realized my true love was french horn, and I went on to get my Masters in Brass Performance and also in Music Technology from the University of Akron while maintaining a full performance and teaching schedule. I earned my teaching credential for California State University, East Bay. Some of my private horn students have graduated from institutions such as Julliard, Eastman, and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. I have played in many local orchestras, including Principal Horn in Pasadena.

I grew up in Ohio outside of Cleveland. After graduating from my Masters programs, I moved to Seoul, South Korea. From there, I went on to briefly live and teach in Montana and Utah, and have been in California since 2012. 

I currently live with my paleontologist husband and elementary-aged daughter who is an aspiring astrophysicist, along with a Great Dane named Haku, a Beagle/Fox Hound named Kirby, an ornery cat named Boo, a Bearded Dragon named George, a weird fish with legs named Polly (bichir-they're wierd,) a goldfish named Goldie, and two chickens, Red and Foggy. I love to study languages, and am conversant in Spanish and French, some Korean, and can read Latin and Russian to a degree. My newest love is the double bass, and I spend my rare free time writing songs on the guitar and doing crossword puzzles and various mutations of Wordle. 

My teaching philosophy is that everyone can learn to play or sing music as long as they have the right teacher (that's me.) I teach with a focus on social justice and equity, and strive to ensure success for everyone who wants it. I focus my teaching on relevancy, making an attempt to arrange my curriculum in a way that it relates to students' lives outside of the classroom, and engages even the most reluctant student. My rules are simple to remember. Respect the YETI: Yourself, Eachother, the Teacher, and the Instruments and equipment. 

For more information about me or the programs here at MPH or the Rim district, feel free to contact me. I'd love to chat.