Tutoring Information

  • Scot's Academy


    • Wednesdays - Mrs. Longworth - Room 313 -  Reading for Understanding.

                Students will explore strategies for increasing reading comprehension across the curriculum for high school reading and 


    •  Thursdays - Mrs. Longworth - Library - The Writing Center.

                Students will get help with grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. They can also get help proofreading and editing their writing assignments.



    • Thursdays - Mrs. Rigney - Room 309 - Tutoring

                Thursday afternoon offers homework help for math students of all levels. One to one instruction is given to students in need of assistance. Come on in and

               get caught up on your work , and develop a better understanding of what is going on in math class.
    “ If you would like extra time in your history or social science classes, including AP, please stay after school on Tuesdays to get help from one of the social science teachers.  At least one social science teacher will be here every Tuesday after school willing to help you with any assignments .”