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     Good attendance is key to your student being able to fulfill their potential and make good progress in school. One of the most important ways a parent can support the education of their child and the child's social, emotional, and academic development is to ensure they attend school daily, and on time. 

    MPH Attendance Procedures  

     Student attendance is recorded by teachers daily and in each class period.

     Please call or email the MPH Attendance office within 5 school days to excuse your student's absence. 

    Ms. Alina Shepherd



    (909) 336-0360 X301

     *Students with excessive uncleared absences are subject to being referred to the MPH school site's School Attendance Review Team (SART).  SART is a school attendance review team that collaborates together when a student has excessive unexcused absences or tardies. The SART team meetings include students, parents, the Assistant Principal, and the Attendance Accountant. If resolution and improvement in student attendance are not able to be achieved following a SART meeting, further actions could be implemented, including citations. Please call or email to excuse your student's absences to prevent any attendance interventions.


    MPH Alternative Attendance Programs

    Offered to further Support our MPH students with unique circumstances

     Short Term Independent Study- 

    STIS Supports our MPH students with the understanding that they will unable to be present in their regularly scheduled, daily classes. STIS requires a Minimum number of 3 days of consecutive absences and maxes out at 15 days of consecutive absences.

    STIS Requirements: 5-10 school day minimum notice must be provided to Attendance Accountant, signed contract turned into Attendance Accountant, 2.0 GPA, and access to Wifi required. Other accommodations may/ may not be able to be made based on most current agreements with management and Teachers. Failure to uphold the STIS contract could prevent the approval of future STIS contracts for your student.

    Please contact Nathalie Granger to obtain a STIS contract or for additional information: Nathalie_granger@rimsd.k12.ca.us   T: (909) 336-0360 X301

     Home Choice learning program (K-6th-grade students only) -Our Home Choice program supports our 6th grade MPH students that are comfortable with a more independent learning environment at home. The home choice program provides their students with a teacher that will provide assignments, assistance, and instructions virtually on a one-to-one basis and provide scheduled meeting points weekly. Requirements: 2.0 GPA, good standing in attendance, must meet a minimum assignment completion rate, and be able to steadily complete assignments. Home choice does not require daily check-in. Contract signature is required by the student's guardian and if criteria is not able to be met, the student will be welcomed back to our traditional on-campus learning program. Please Contact MPH Guidance Resource Technician for additional information:   T:(909) 336-0360 X307

     Rim Virtual Academy (grades 7-12th)- Rim Virtual Academy supports MPH students in grades 7th-8th who wish to learn independently at home. RVA provides students with a teacher that will provide independent learning materials through Oddyseyware that can be completed on their own time. Students interested in this program should be close to grade-level proficiency in all subjects. A contract agreement and signature is required by the student and guardian. If contract criteria is not able to be met the student will be welcomed back to our traditional on-campus learning program. Please visit the link below or contact Ms. Marina Amador, Coordinator of Alternative Programs at (909) 744-9520. 


      Home Hospital- Home Hospital is offered to our MPH students that are under the short-term or long-term care of a physician for a medical diagnosis that prohibits a student from comfortably or safely attending classes on campus or during distant learning. Upon the receipt of a written Dr's recommendation, this program is designed to assist our MPH students with medical needs to meet their educational goals by placing them with a teacher to work one-to-one with them providing assignments that can support their personal educational goals as well as their health circumstances. For more information regarding this program, please Contact Patrice Mock for further information: patrice_mock@rimsd.k12.ca.us   T: (909)  336-0360 ext. 307



     Absences add up





  • MPH Attendance 

    Ms. Alina Shepherd


    (909) 336-0360 X301