• 6/1/23- any pre ordered caps and gowns can be picked up in room 106 with Mrs. Cobb.  Any students that still need to purchase can do so in the ASB office.  They are $40..


    3/24/23- Cap and Gown pre order sales are over.  If you did not pre order you will be able to purchase one at the Senior BBQ on 5/30/23.  Color choices and size are based on a first come, first serve basis. Any pre-orders can be picked up during the Senior BBQ or the following day at lunch in room 106.

    Herff Jones will also be on campus to sell  Cap and Gowns, Class Ring, and Letterman Jacket sales, in the rotunda at lunch, for sales on the following dates:

    Sept 14/ Oct 12/ Nov 9/ Dec 14/ Jan 18/ and Feb 15

    Cap and Gowns may be ordered now through HerffJones.com.  Students may choose either white or blue.  Rim HS highly recommends printing or saving your order summary.
    Letterman jackets, Grad announcements, and other senior regalia are also provided through Herff Jones and can be found on the website.


    See link below for prices and ordering information.

  • Seniors can now decorate their Caps!

    Seniors can now decorate their Caps!

    All school rules apply and caps not following these rules will not be permitted.

    Caps may not have anything that in relate any ways to drinking, drugs, sex, or any other inappropriate material.  Inside jokes and abbreviations will not be allowed. Side Note: If you have to ask if it’s okay- it’s probably not okay.

    Caps my only be decorated on the very top where the tassel goes and nowhere else.  They also must not contain any 3D objects sticking up or out past the hat. Small jewels are okay, but solo cups are not. Items cannot stick up farther than 1/2".

    Caps MUST be fully decorated and turned in on the day of Grad Practice to Mrs. Markovich and Mrs. Cobb for approval.  NO decorated caps will be allowed in the day of graduation.  If your cap was not pre-approved and turned in ahead of time it will be taken away and you will not get a cap for graduation. If you put anything inappropriate on your hat, it will be taken away and not replaced.  Your cap will be given back to you on the day of graduation after you have checked in if it meets the criteria.

    We are not responsible for your irresponsibility-  If your cap is taken away for any reason Rim High School is not responsible.