Bill Mellinger, January 2022

Zeno Maraganian, January 2020

Cathy Plante, November 2019

Harrison Ridland, RHS Student

  • Harrison Ridland, RHS graduate, starred in the SBCSS state of education address from Ted Alejandre in the Fall of 2019.

Lt. Don Lupear, October 2019

Madison Oaks, June 2019

Caris Leidner, May 2019

Stacey Stinzel, March 2019

Don Fischer, February 2019

Sofia Kolbe, January 2019

Carla Malagoli-Vitti, December 2018

Mandy Krzeminski, November 2018

Annette Wofford, October 2018

Butch Baumann, Sept. 2018

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