• Pre-ordering is now been closed. 


    6/12 - The second Yearbook distribution day will be Tuesday, June 23rd from 4 to 6 pm outside of the red entrance doors. There are still some yearbooks for sale, but numbers are limited. They are $100. 


     6/8- Yearbooks are in!  Come pick yours up on Tuesday 6/9 from 1-4 pm in front of the red doors at the high school.  Senior pickup window is 1-2, Juniors and sophomores is 2-3 and freshman along with anyone else is 3-4.  Yearbooks will also be sold on a first come first serve basis with 1-2pm being reserved for senior only sales.  Yearbooks are $100 cash only!!!!  Please bring your school ID 

    You may pick up another persons yearbook if you have a note from them saying it is ok.

    Alternate pick up day is tentativly scheduled for Tuesday June23rd, time to be announced.



    Personalization is closed.

    Personalize your yearbook for only $7!  You get your name on the front cover and you can choose up to 4 icons for $5 each.  This is a great way to prevent theft and to add your personality to the book. This offer only until September 28th. Click on the link above to order.

 Yearbook Adviser



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Yearbook Adviser

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