• June 7, 2022
    Attention Rim Families:

    The Rim of the World Unified School District is pleased to announce that we are accepting students for our newest school, Rim Leadership Academy, formerly Rim Virtual Academy.

    The purpose of Rim Leadership Academy is to provide an independent study program for families who are interested in educating their children in an alternative setting. You will have an assigned ROWUSD fully certified teacher for your child.  This teacher will partner with you as your student learns through the curriculum throughout the school year.  Your student's teacher will also support you both academically and socially with activities, field trips, and experiences to enhance their learning.  All materials needed for schooling will be provided at no cost to your family.

    Students in elementary will participate in daily instructional meetings while students may have progress monitoring weekly as they learn independently.  All TK-12 students will be required to meet monthly in-person to review progress and receive direct in-person instruction.  Our site location will eventually be Lake Gregory Educational Center but may begin the year from Mountain High School in Lake Arrowhead.  

    In addition, as a requirement of the new AB-130 legislation of 2021, students will be required to meet in person or virtually (Zoom meetings) once a week or daily depending on the grade level so that they are connected to a teacher and other students weekly. The parent, student, and child will be required to meet in person once a month to review progress so reliable transportation is required for entrance into this program.

    Please register for the program for the Fall of 2022 using the Google link below and we will add you to our Aeries Database so you will receive announcements this summer (you do not have to register again if you have already done so regarding RVA):


    If you have any questions regarding this school, please contact David Nygren at David_nygren@rimsd.k12.ca.us or call him at (909) 744-9520 between the hours of 7 am and 3 pm.