School Accountability Report Card

  • Learn more about Rim of the World Unified School District’s learning environment, efforts in meeting state and federal academic achievement standards, quality of instruction, textbook availability, teacher quality, campus security and safety, and education-related expenses.

    What is a SARC?
    A SARC or “School Accountability Report Card” is an annual report to the parents of California’s school children and is required by the State of California. The SARC provides parents with mandated information about the overall performance of the school their child attends. Demographics, student testing data, teacher qualifications, textbook sufficiency, and school safety are among the many areas that are covered in this report. If you have any questions about the contents of this report, please contact your child’s school, the district office or visit the state’s website at

     A copy of our Annual School Accountability Report Card is available in the school office, at the district office, and on the district’s website.


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