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Weekly Spotlight District Office/MPH

Derek Swem, Director, Special Services

One of our top priorities for our Special Education Staff – certificated and classified alike, is to acquire top-level training and professional development for all.  Teachers and paraprofessionals will have opportunities throughout the school year to acquire such training.  This week, Director of Special Services Derek Swem earned a certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) through East Valley SELPA.  Through the training, he learned different methods for valuable data collecting and resources to assist special education teachers in their classrooms.  Next week, three staff members continue their training to be Professional Crisis Management (PCMA) trainers for our school district.  We feel that it is the utmost importance in acquiring updated knowledge of methods and practices to help our students.

Jennifer Whiteside, Principal, Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate

MPH welcomed our 6th-grade students for the 2019-2020 school year with a 6th-grade welcome assembly hosted by our 6th-grade teachers. Students received information regarding all things MPH and 6th grade, followed by a tour of the campus. At the conclusion of the first week of school 6th-grade students shared the following quotes:

“I was really scared but then when I came it was fine. I saw my friends. I love changing classes. I love meeting new friends.” - M. Groff“

I love the classes and all of the work and the sense of community and family up here! I love Mrs. Marinaro so much and I can really connect with here because I am often the kind of outsider person because I am shy. Mrs. Marinaro really encourages me and helps me be my best! Thank you, Mrs. Marinaro!” – A. Murphy

“So far at MPH, I love it here. The staff is so friendly and so are the students. I heard that there were major bullying problems but that is not true at all. Everything and everyone is so positive. I love seeing everyone I know and all of the new people. I have no idea where the kids from last year got the rumors but they are not true.” – L. Schroeder