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Weekly Spotlight Ed Services and LAE

Heather Dominguez, Director, Educational Services

Parents and their students gathered at MPH to learn about a great virtual tutoring tool called Grade Slam. Grade Slams mission is to deliver educational equity through personalized learning. The program provides 24 hour 7-days a week online tutoring, in all subjects, delivered by certified teachers. Tutors use techniques to help kids’ problem solve and don’t just give them the answers in order to facilitate learning. The program is available on any electronic device. For more information call MPH or MHS to learn how your child can access this resource. (Currently available to students at MPH and MHS only)

Veronica McGilvery, Principal, Lake Arrowhead Elementary School

Lake Arrowhead Elementary held our first Saturday School of the year on September 21st! The learning experiences were: Erosion, Composing and filming Green Screen iMovies, and creating puppets for retelling Fairytale literature. Every month students will have an opportunity to make up a previous absence by attending one of our Saturday School sessions. Not only does this support student attendance, it assists with some funding recovered which in turn can support programs and services for students. Permission slips are sent home monthly to all students, and future dates may be found on our school website.