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Snow Day Waiver Update

Good evening,

We again have reached out to the state several times asking for an update to our snow day waiver. They stated that since we followed educational code regarding the number of days built in our calendar and because we worked (teachers worked and students attended class) all of those 6 days, most likely our waiver will be granted. They have let us know by email this week that because we are in compliance with the J-13A request our waiver should be approved with the official paperwork to the district in 7-9 weeks. We believe it is safe to say that the last day of school for students will be June 6th as anticipated. We appreciated your patience as we worked through the waiver process with Sacramento.

Michelle Murphy
Superintendent for Rim of the World Unified School District
Facebook: RIMSD Superintendent Twitter: @mish2ne1
(909) 336 - 4105