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Weekly Spotlight - Educational Services

Heather Dominguez, Director, Educational Services

Rim of the World Unified has three priorities

1. Increase student learning and support professional development.

2. Facilitate safe and positive school climate.

3. Engage families and the community.

On Friday, November 1st our team focused on priorities 1 and 2 during the all staff Professional Development Day. Teachers and administrators came together to learn about how intentional social, emotional, and academic learning can boost achievement, behavior and climate. Skills such as self-management, self-awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision making, and social awareness are vital life skills that foster success. One of the quotes from the day, “How do you change the world? One room at a time, which room? The one you’re in! Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Happy Veteran’s Day to ALL who have served our country.