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Weekly Spotlight - LAE

Carol Jandrall, Lead Hawk (Noon Duty), Lake Arrowhead Elementary School

Fun Fridays at LAE

The playground at LAE is always a fun place to be but this year the playground staff have stepped it up with Fun Fridays. As a reward for positive behavior, at the end of the week, staff brings out music at lunchtime on the grass. Hula hoops, jump ropes, bowling and even bubbles and other fun games are included. The kids and staff can dance and sing to their favorites. The kids never get tired of Baby Shark, Frozen, YMCA and the new favorite Old Town Road.

“It is a great way to reward our students at the end of the week for working hard, being safe, responsible and respectful. It just makes for a fun time and everyone looks forward to it,” said Principal Veronica McGilvery.

Third graders Charlotte and Emma said they look forward to Fridays. They want to dance, request their favorite songs and have fun with friends.

Fun Fridays are here to stay at LAE! Come out and dance with us!