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Weekly Spotlight - CHE

Marlynn Humphries, Principal, Charles Hoffman Elementary School

Eden and Shyloe with their father, Hector Gomez are shown at the CHE Pastries with Parents PTA event during Read Across America. Every lunch table was down, and all benches were full as families enjoyed their time together; reading, visiting, and eating. What a great way for parents to model the theme of "Be Kind!" Special thanks to our wonderful PTA for their kindness in sponsoring this successful annual event!

Charles Hoffman Elementary celebrated its annual three week Read Across America event with a new twist this year, as we tied it to the Great Kindness Challenge, which was celebrated the week previously. Read Across America, is a nationwide project to encourage and reward more reading by, to, and with students. Each elementary school in the RIM district participates and the public libraries in each town support by assisting the increased student use at the libraries and hold events of their own. We appreciate the gracious partnership with the public libraries. This year, Hoffman's Read Across America had a kindness theme and the librarian, Rebecca McDonald, read kindness books each week, showed short kindness videos when the classes visited and helped students create kindness messages on hearts as well as recording the kind acts they noticed others doing.. Students were greeted with kindness reminders on the daily principal's messages and all classes have a Kindness Matters collection of weekly lessons they discuss during this second half of the school year. Teachers and staff purchased "BE Kind" shirts from their own funds to highlight the theme and set an example for their students. Recently I visited with someone not affiliated with our school site who had a beautiful "Be Kind" poster. I commented we needed to purchase one like that for CHE. The person responded, "Yes, you do because you're at the school that is so involved with kindness." I appreciated that we are recognized as such. Our three behavior expectations are to Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible, all in the context of Being Kind. There is much in the world that makes a mockery of kindness. Yet even young children can recognize that when they interact with others in kind ways, they actually feel happier about themselves and those around them, and this makes the world a better place one choice at a time.