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Weekly Spotlight - RHS

Torri Burke, Principal, Rim of the World High School

It has been an exciting month for Rim of the World High School and it is a wonderful time to be a Fighting Scot!

A huge congratulations to the Shred Team is deserved! The team spent the past week in Tahoe for State Championships in which the Women’s team took 1st in their division! Rim of the World High School also earned 1st place overall combined Men and Women for their division. This is the first time since 2015 taking the podium for the Rim of the World High School Shred Team. We are so proud of our outstanding Shred Team Athletes; they truly represent what it means to be a Fighting Scot!

A huge shout out and ‘THANK YOU’ to coaches Debbie Bennett and Brian Leidner, and Athletic Director, Ryan Reisbord is also deserved; they have spent countless hours coaching, mentoring, and being consistent supports for these young student-athletes.

In addition, the music department has been busy! The Wind Ensemble and Orchestra performed down at Baldwin Park High School at a festival. They performed three pieces for 3 adjudicators. After their performance, one of the judges joined them for a 30-minute clinic session where they were able to share direct feedback and strategies for future continued success.

The Wind Ensemble received an Excellent rating, which is viewed as Second Place. The orchestra received a Superior rating, which is viewed as First place. Orchestra is now in the running to perform at a Regional Festival! The music department has been presuming extremely well and we are proud of them!