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Weekly Spotlight - CHE Rim Reporters

Rim Reporters, Mrs. Armellini's 2nd Grade Class, Charles Hoffman Elementary School

Bridge Building  

Mrs. Armellini's second-grade class is doing another exciting STEM project. They were acting as if they were real engineers making a bridge out of toothpicks, marshmallows, and spice drops. The students were supposed to demonstrate their knowledge of numbers during the project by using mathematical strategies like Break apart, expanded form, and Traditional algorithms to double-digit numbers. The class is excited to link science and fun together as one...The objective was to make a puffball with googley eyes called Sam to sit on the bridge without him falling off. We interviewed 3 kids in her class, and this is what they said, “It was challenging to make the support beams stay up but, besides that it was fun,” said Aleeceah. A different student named Rebecca said, ”It was challenging to make it stand up alone but, it was fun.” The final student Hunter said, "I used the big marshmallows for the main base and the small marshmallows for filling in the gaps.” All three had different ideas and because of that their bridges turned out well designed and so did all the others.Reporting by,Mackenzee Norwood
Gabriella Jablonski
Paula Roque
(Rim Reporters)